The Producers

The Producers

The Producers

In 2015 Josep Morell and Jordi Vilar created a new company, Ottokar. From there, they produced the 60’ documentary "I Can’t Go Back Home" for TV3's "Without Fiction"; the program explains path into the bureaucratic hell political refugees find themselves in arrival in Spain.

In 2017 they began production, filming and editing of a TV3 series, entitled "From Bed To Bed" on the problems of sleeping in Western societies, with M.D. Eduard Estivill, one of the foremost European specialists on the subject, and the documentary for TVE and TV3 “The silent men” is the unknown story of a group of people who worked on the backstage of the policy to restore the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Ottokar's aim is to continue to seeking and creating mainstream television and film content and take advantage of the synergies of new technologies to develop all kinds of audiovisual content oriented to the international market.

Josep Morell

Founding member and CEO of Ottokar. Journalist and a founding member of Catalunya Radio (Catalan public radio channel) in 1983. He Works on radio and newspapers. For 6 months he was a war correspondent for the 1st Gulf War. In 1992, he is part of the Capa Agency team in Barcelona. For more than 10 years he works for more than a 100 programmes for the “24 Hours” series and documentaries of all genres for Canal+. After 4 years working as a free-lancer he starts with 5 other partners, the production company La Quimera, with which he will develop and produce documentaries, programmes and series for TVE (“Stories on Wheels”, “Extreme Climate”), Cuatro, Canal +, TV3, Barcelona TV and the Catalan Network of Local TV. He has directed documentaries for Catalan Television The series “Without Fiction” ("Water, Hell and Sky", a human story about the Spanish water polo team, "Patission Blues", a portrait of the Greek crisis, "Dressed in Black", a trip to Afghanistan with the journalist Mònica Bernabé who has lived and worked for eight years in this country and “I Can’t Go Back Home”, a portrait of the bureaucratic hell in which political refugees find themselves on arrival in Spain). In 2015, founding partner and co-director of Ottokar, he participates as co-director in the documentary "I can’t go back home", series "From bed to bed" for TV3 and the documentary "The silent men " for TVE and TV3.

Jordi Vilar

He started his professional career in TVE in 1976, at the program department, as editor. In 1990, he founded GHV, a company dedicated to post production and audiovisual production. He works as film, event, documentaries and advertising director, working on more than a hundred episodes of the "24 Hours" series for CAPA TV and Canal + España / Francia, TV3, ARTE channel and TVE. In the 1998/2007 period he works as director of the audiovisual development of the ACB corporate image. During the years 2000-2006, Euroleague entrusts him the implementation and development of their corporate image. Founding member and co-director of Quimera, he participates as co-director and series director for TVE: “Stories on Wheels”, “4 REC Reporters” and BTV’s “SoundTrack”. He co-directed and directed TV3’s mini-series "From Here and There" and different documentaries for “Without Fiction” program: “Candidate Mas, President Mas, the countdown”, “Patission Avenue, the portrait of the Greek crisis”, “Dressed in Black” and “I Can’t Go Back Home”. In 2015, founding partner and co-director of Ottokar, he participates as co-director and executive producer in the documentary "I can’t go back home", series "From bed to bed" for TV3 and the documentary "The silent men " for TVE and TV3.


Dedicated Production and tailor-made Distribution for every story in every medium everywhere.   First Hand Films is an international sales agent, a theatrical distributor in Switzerland and a producer based in Zürich.   Run by Esther van Messel since 1998, FHF finds partners, finance and deals with the entire production process, often facilitating co-productions through FHF and the production outfit Kiss the Frog Films.  FHF has sold hundreds of licenses worldwide, turned over more than ten million Euro and its films have won many awards including Emmies, Golden Roses and Oscar Nominations.  Since 2013 FHF operates also as theatrical distributor in Switzerland and has released a number of international fiction and non-fiction films.  For selected projects FHF acts as Executive Producer with global access to talented filmmakers, broadcasters and funding bodies.   FHF works with ambitious and accessible projects worldwide, combining intelligence, practical knowledge and experience. Today, First Hand Films have been seen by many millions of people all over the world, in cinemas, on TV and online.


British Entertainment and Media Company Inspiring International Audiences with High Quality Productions in Film, Television and Live Events.

Illuimina Studios & Media Ltd are an Independent British Entertainment and Media Company that produces high quality film, television & live event productions.

These are delivered with zest, passion and purpose. We create unique productions and environments for UK and international audiences to be inspired and entertained. This enables us to be in contact with some of the best creative talents, most thought provoking leaders and stories you’ll find anywhere. For eons, well told stories have always been important to society.

Illumina Studios & Media Ltd is participating as chair and facilitator of the Arts, Media, Design and Architecture Group at the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme in New York. The aim of this innovative programme is to harmonise worldwide awareness withnature and to contribute to long lasting social, political, legal and practical changes necessary to protect nature for future generations through the UN.


Illumina Studios is now working on new international feature film, television and live projects that seek to express a truly sustainable and compassionate worldview whilst still being engaging and entertaining. They have been involved within the Organising Committee of the historic London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.


Illumina also produced the Migrate Charity Auction for Refugees with Christies (London) in October 2016 as a creative response to the Refugee Crisis and worked with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Grammy Nominated Gyuto Monks during their UK & Scotland “Pure Sound Tour”. This included their performances at the opening ceremony of Glastonbury Festival in front of an audience of around 100,000 people and recording the historic visit on film.


Efímero Films was created in 2016, founded by professionals with a long record in various audiovisual specialities. The company covers the need to develop genuine audiovisual products, copyright and trademarks, both intellectual and technological, to work on all kind of platforms. Above all, these products must have strong international co-production potential. Efímero Films is intended to develop, produce and promote international co-productions, with a marked Hispanic and Mediterranean accent. It aims to be the meeting point and platform where the exchange, development of ideas, training and professional advice concur.


Antaviana Films is a film company specializing in post-production and digital effects. We are a team of professionals with a groundbreaking career behind us, enjoying today a well-deserved renown and prestige in the sector. Whilst some of us have been working together for over 20 years, others have been joining us along the way, always providing us with fresh and different points of view, accompanied by technological avant-garde expertise and international experience; no twithstanding their unique talents and their curiosity, a trademark of forthcoming generations.

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