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The Project

The Negotiator

“The Negotiator” is a creative documentary set in different countries around the World, from Colombia to Somalia; distinct zones with one common denominator: they’ve all been torn apart by internal conflict for decades.

Where there is, there are is also people that want to put end to it. Following Jordi Raich’s career, a professional with more than thirty years’ experience in the field, we will discover a symphony of voices and faces of those neutral intermediaries in search of solutions for peace.


“The Negotiator” explores how the political and humanitarian conflicts which affect the modern world can be resolved. That’s why the film is set against two specific examples: the Colombian peace process which is only now, after more than fifty years, heading towards an end, and the still raging civil war in Somalia, which since 1991 has turned the country into a failed state.

These two crises are the past and present on which the personal story of international aid workers and senior official of the International Committee of the Red Cross Jordi Raich hinges. The film will a firsthand account of how he works, from the sidelines to open up a possible path to a peaceful settlement.

Since he arrived in Colombia in 2011 as the leader of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Jordi Raich becoma responsible, amongst other duties, for extracting the guerrilla leaders from the jungle and chaperoning them to Cuba, to face representatives of the Colombian government and engage in peace talks.

We will use different image formats intercutting  Jordi’s past experiences, including his recent experiences in Africa with  his current posting in Mexico. As we do so we will introduce other participants involved in the story.

They range from close family and friends to witnesses, politicians, diplomats and officials; and they’re from different parts of the world: Colombia, Cuba, Finland, Kenya, Norway, Somalia, Spain, Switzerland...

In The Negotiator, Jordi Raich, who is what is technically called a neutral intermediary, will be the face of many an anonymous negotiator who, always moving in areas away from the flashlights, tenaciously deals with epic political crisis in the search for a peaceful solution where apparently there is none. This is his little big story; a firsthand account of the experience of being in the forefront of international conflict as a neutral intermediary, someone the audience can and will fully indentify with.

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Jordi Raich

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges”
Isaac Newton
“Peace cannot be maintained by force. It can only be sustained through understanding”
Albert Einstein

"Saving others to save oneself"

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