The Director

The Director

The Director

Rosalind Bain is a British versatile series producer/director, with extensive experience of foreign and domestic filming, on a broad range of documentary, presenter led factual entertainment, travelogues, history, science, remote location, undercover, archive and current affairs programming for ITV, Channels 4 and 5, BBC, Nat Geo and Netflix. Hostile environments trained, with strong journalist and story telling skills and visual flair.

Recent credits include “What is sustainable fashion?” for BBC World, currently in production; “Drug Lords: Pablo Escobar” and “Drug Lords: Cali Cartel” for Netflix ITN productions; The Secret History of Shiraz wine for BBC World and BBC Persian (2016) A film, looking at the origins of wine and in particular Shiraz. Filmed in various countries including Georgia, Hungary, France and the USA; “Ross Kemp : Extreme Worlds” for Freshwater films Sky, a documentary about elephant poaching in Mozambique filmed in the remote wilderness of the Niassa reserve; “Primal Survivor Icon Films” for National Geographic filmed on location in the Sahara and “Remembering the Armenians Massacres” for BBC Worldwide, a film in which reporter Lara Potrossians returns to Turkey on a personal journey to find out about her Armenian grandfather and what remains of his culture; amongst others. She’s the recipient of many awards such as BMA award for best Science programme, Best broadcast story Business journalist 2004 and the Best Branded content campaign 2016. Her work as Staff producer at Channel Four News, specialising in foreign affairs and conflict areas and in particular “The Taliban: Reports from Afghanistan with Saira Shah” won her the Amnesty International Award.


The story of this film is the life story of one man. It is also the story of how we can affect peace in times of conflict and war, not with threat, not with guns but by using words, contact, trust, skill and knowledge. The trusted neutral surrounded by mutually hostile forces with one objective; to negotiate a path to peace.

The thread, through the film, and through the history of some of the most intractable conflicts of recent times, is the words and actions of Jordi Raich. Using his testimony, personal archive and backed with interviews from major figures we tell the story of how he helped to facilitate and achieve the end of a 50 year guerrilla conflict in Colombia. How he has tried to promote conflict prevention in Somalia and how he negotiates the release of hostages, often from the sidelines, away from the glare of the media.

The film, through Jordi Raich will also allow access to the International Red Cross in Geneva and on his last assignment in Mexico where the migrant and drug cartels are causing an enormous crisis in the Americas. The camera will follow him to his last post, his last assignment and it will be a reflection on what is achievable and how negotiations can work or be undermined.

The film will also show how being the negotiator has impacted on his life and his family. He will talk intimately on his hopes and beliefs, the low moments, the triumphs. All this set against a background where violent conflict holds sway over many parts of the world.

Rosalind Bain

"Saving others to save oneself"

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